Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello Sunshine

I can not express just how happy I am for winter to be over. For the last month or so it's been raining cats and dogs here in California. It has been a string of rainy days and gloomy dark clouds that just don't seem to lift. Finally, we've been visited by those golden rays of sunshine that feel absolutely amazing. I'm not looking forward to a hot Cali season because commuting back and forth to LA for class will mean having to endure extreme temperatures. Sitting in the car on a typical summer day feels like being baked in the oven. The AC provides only limited relief.
The spring season, however, I am more than happy to experience. Everyone comes out of hibernation. Those soft pastel colors of clothing, flowers, and clipper moods makes venturing out into the world much more enjoyable.

Side note, juggling class and work is keeping me busy. But definitely not busy enough. Am looking into volunteering at the city's hospital. Should be interesting no doubt. Prior to nursing school, I have had no experience in the medical field whatsoever. I look forward to one-on-one interaction with patients. Hopefully, it will make the transition from student to full-time nurse much easier after graduation. Oh how I look forward to those blue medical scrubs. :)