Friday, August 21, 2009

Dr. Crazy Woman

Choosing a doctor from a list of physicians my health insurance company provided was like trying to find a light switch in the dark. I decided to the narrow the search options down to my zip code. Finally, the list was a bit easier to manage. I browsed the list for a female doctor and came across a Dr. Tracey Woman. I called her office and made the appointment.

Flash forward to the day of the appointment.
I'm settled into a room and go over the routine of identifying to the nurse the reason for my visit. She briefly goes over a few medical questions just as Dr. Tracy Woman enters the room. She was nice and friendly. I had high expectations of this new doc and the introductions had gone quite well.

The first 7 minutes of the visit was taken up by the discussion of my teenage diagnosis of the prolactinoma. I talked while she typed away at her mini laptop, charting everything on file. For the remaining 18 minutes of the visit she discussed socialized health care. She ranted on and on, non-stop, about the dangers of socialized medicine, how America was on it's way to becoming the next country with medical system crisis. I was so disappointed. Was the country not already in a medical system crisis? I was not paying a $40 copay to sit and hear someone rant their opinions about America's sucky medical system. I honestly do not want to hear about Dr. Crazy Woman's salary of only $100,000 from the previous year and her inability to live the posh lifestyle provided by her posh physician's salary. The appointment turned into a grand example of just how terrible our medical system has become. Here I was, sitting in a physician's office as a first time patient, as she complained about the downfalls of the medical professional. I nodded and smiled as best as possible. My visit to the Dentist play out much better than this. Soon enough it was over. She sent me for lab work and referred me to the endocrinologist.

... And that, ladies and gents, was my first and last visit with Dr. Crazy Woman.
Never again.

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