Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Blog Paint

The blog just received a much needed makeover. I'm still experimenting with the new look. I may end up changing it again soon. Haven't really made up my mind about this one... yet.
Too girly?

It has been 9 months since I began nursing school. Already? Yep. It definitely does not feel like 9 months have passed. All I remember is long lectures and the never ending drives to L.A. This is another reason why I should make time to post here more often. Soon enough I'll be in my last term of nursing school and wondering about how the time flew by so quickly.
Nursing school has been going pretty great. I'm averaging a 3.0 GPA each term and have gotten into the routine of being a student again. I like the smaller class size and the ability to interact with the instructors on an one-to-one basis. This is a huge change from being a student at a traditional 4 year university. Flashes of being lost in a large lecture hall with the other 150+ students still cross my mind. I'm over the hype that comes along with studying at a big campus. Not to say that I'm bashing my former education. Those 4 years have made a very big impact on my character and personal drive. But being lost in the big university lifestyle as a fresh-faced 18 year old was not the easiest transition considering I was raised in a small town. But it was still an experience I'm glad to have undergone. It's an experience I paid $20k a year to experience. So I better have learned my lesson at that price. Whom ever thinks that life's lessons come free of charge should take a better look at their bank account.
I can say that if my choice of career and major had worked out better, much like I had it planned in my head as a 21 year old, I'm sure that I would not be pursuing a degree in Nursing.
I'm happy where I am now, I'm happy to have made this decision, I'm happy to have finally found my niche.

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog, and your two years will zoom by. hey, your blog is soo cute. Can you tell me where you found it? I live in S.CA too, where are you going to college? I went to CSUF for my BA, hundreds of years ago, and to SAC for my RN.