Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Because I just need to post.

I was 17 when I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma. I couldn't even spell that "P" back word back then, but thanks to being more mature in age, and the internet, I am quite up to date on what prolactinomas are. Long story short, I've been searching for affordable health care for the past 11 months. Well, 11 months is a bit exagerated because I wasn't actively filling out insurance enrollment forms during that whole period. The searching is now over and I am officially insured. I've scheduled my appointment with the primary doctor. I'm dreding the visit because I already know the outcome, I just need it verifed by a M.D. because I'm just a lil' nursing student. My body has been giving me every warning sign for the past year that the little prolactinoma of mine is back in full swing. I'm ready for the treatment, but it's a bit depressing to think about popping a pill every morning for the next few years... if not longer. It seems like one more thing slowing me down.

Lately, I've been very impatient and agitated. I want to graduate, hold my degree in my hands, and move onto a career. I want to move on with life on a personal level. I want to love that idiot of a Boy that has superglued himself to my heart, I want babies, a house. I want to be the PTA Mom who drives the hybrid Escalade with her adorable kids and is envied by all. "Yes Bitches, I earned this shit."

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  1. I am glad you are back. I didn't know even in the states, there are some crazy doctors with non-professional attitudes. It seems like many countries like the States or Japan are facing to the medicare crisis. Some of my classmates also are complaining of low wage of tought jobs in the hospitals.